La Maison des Peyrat

Common areas feature exposed beams and original artwork, including some of the owner's sculptures.

By By Margie Rynn, Thursday, May 1, 2008, 3:20 PM

La Maison des Peyrat

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Nearby Sarlat is probably the prettiest town in the Dordogne, but its popularity can make for a less-than-tranquil experience—all the more reason to stay at La Maison des Peyrat, about half a mile uphill in a residential neighborhood.

The long, one-story stone building dates back to the Middle Ages and at various times was a hospital for plague victims, a residence for nuns, and a farm. (Part of its appeal was ample water—note the well in what is now the hotel's reception area.)

Current owners Martine and Jean-Luc Ginestet preserved the historic character of the building, while also injecting a dash of modern design.

The result is 10 simple, airy rooms in light colors and with rattan furniture; common areas feature exposed beams and original artwork, including some of Martine's sculptures.

Outside, a chestnut tree shades the terrace where breakfast and dinner are served in good weather, and foliage surrounds the building and the swimming pool.

If you stay for a few days, you'll probably end up partaking in the afternoon apéro, when everyone gathers for a drink while the sun goes down. Half pension is from $189 for two people.

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