Deogarh Mahal

An impressive 17th-century hilltop fort that's now a 50-room heritage hotel.

By Diane Vadino, Monday, Sep 21, 2009, 11:49 AM

Deogarh Mahal

About this Hotel

Price From $145

A Mewari aristocrat strategically established this 17th-century fort—an impressive complex with turrets and balconies—atop a hill. Now a heritage hotel, Deogarh Mahal gives travelers the royal treatment. Ayurvedic masseurs are on call, guides lead Jeep tours of the surrounding terrain, and the restaurant sprinkles premises-grown produce into its meals. The 50 rooms vary quite a bit, but even the simplest have carved headboards and elaborately woven linens. Three spectacular suites are outfitted with woodwork archways, tiled tubs, and latticed windows. Before retreating to bed, enjoy drinks on one of the fort's lake-view terraces.

Free Wi-Fi? No; Wi-Fi access is available throughout the hotel for $4 an hour.

Credit Cards Accepted MC, Visa.

Details Single-occupancy rooms from $125, doubles from $145.

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