Townhouse Hotel

In South Beach, this spare 1930s building features white-on-white couches, floral armchairs, and red bicycles in its terrazzo-floored lobby, conjuring up a beach-house vibe.

By Jane Wooldridge, Monday, May 4, 2009, 3:48 PM

Townhouse Hotel

About this Hotel

Price From $99

'Hood South Beach, sharing a trendy block with sleek hotels that look like something straight out of CSI.

The Vibe In this spare 1930s building, white-on-white couches, floral armchairs, and red bicycles stationed in the terrazzo-floored lobby conjure up a beach-house vibe.

Rooms The 69 minimalist rooms are whimsically accented with beach balls and baby-blue round rugs.

Plus Within a Frisbee's toss of the ocean. Also: home to Bond St., an evenings-only lounge serving inventive sushi dishes created by chef Mike Hiraga.

Minus No pool. Also: Bathrooms are tiny and few have tubs.

Free Wi-Fi? Yes.

Credit Cards Accepted AmEx, MC, Visa.

Details Doubles from $99.

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