Treebones Resort

Each of the 16 yurts has a skylight to let the sun and stars peek through.

By Laura MacNeil, Tuesday, Apr 22, 2008, 2:05 PM

Treebones Resort

About this Hotel

Price From $155

John Handy and his wife, Corinne, spent years searching the central coast for a place to retire.

Only after they bought 11 acres in southern Big Sur, however, did they realize that new zoning laws wouldn't allow them to build a house. So they built a hotel. "But we didn't want it to be like a hotel at all," says John.

His mother turned the couple on to the idea of yurts, tent-like structures that can be built with very little wood; their simple foundations also wouldn't require bulldozing the steeply sloped land.

John commissioned craftsmen to make chairs from unwanted saplings for the main lodge; for the terrace, he had a 65-foot bar built from a redwood that had been cut down and abandoned.

The 16 yurts have pine floors and wooden furniture, and best of all, each has a skylight to let the sun and stars peek through.

Rate includes breakfast.

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