La Treille

The name refers not only to the owners, but also to the century-old grape arbor (treille) on the terrace.

La Treille

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Philippe Latreille's great-great-grandmother used to run a ferry from the landing just down the street from this old stone house, steering the wooden boat across the river herself. Once the bridge was built, the ferry ser­vice folded, and she had to come up with another way to feed the family.

For the first 100 years of its existence, La Treille was simply a restaurant; the hotel opened in 1960. While the restaurant is still the main attraction—Latreille is a well-known chef—the hotel is a worthwhile value.

Several of the seven rooms in the main building look out onto a garden; two face the road (one of the main routes to Sarlat, it can get clogged during high season; fortunately, traffic disappears by evening). An annex is home to a few family-size rooms.

The hotel's name, by the way, refers not only to the owners, but also to the century-old grape arbor (treille) on the restaurant's terrace.

Philippe Latreille offers on-site cooking classes to small groups, except in July and August; the hotel is open all year. Half pension is from $201 for two people.

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