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Archive: March 2010
mar 31

NYC: The Museum of the American Gangster opens in a speakeasy

Co-founder Lorcan Otway leads preview tours that draw on his connection to the building: his father bought it from a gangster.
mar 31

And the tips just keep on coming

A USA Today blog was nice enough to feature some of the great tips in Budget Travel's new book The Smart Family's Passport, which in turn has led to an exchange of even more travel tips.
mar 30

Last minute road trip on the cheap! Car rentals from just $1 a day

Every spring, car rental agencies need to move automobiles around the country to prepare for the summer season. You can score ultra-cheap rental rates, starting at a mere buck per day.
mar 30

National Parks Week returns this April

All entrance fees are waived from April 17-25, 2010.
mar 29

San Francisco: A Mission gallery's last show

Jack Hanley Gallery will close at the end of the month.
mar 29

Trip Coach: National parks vacations

Send us all of your questions related to national parks. We'll answer the most representative questions in an upcoming issue of Budget Travel.
mar 26

Rome: Making the most of Holy Week

How to navigate the celebrations between Palm Sunday and Easter Monday.
mar 26

The ultimate light-as-air carry-on

Find of the month: A lightweight, functional option you can easily heave into the overhead compartment—no assist necessary.
mar 25

Spring has sprung in Washington, D.C.

In April, D.C. becomes even more budget- and family-friendly thanks to free events surrounding the Cherry Blossom Festival and Earth Day.
mar 25

Rio de Janeiro: 5 common questions, answered

Few Americans know foreign cities as well as guidebook authors do, and that's why we turned to Michael Sommers for advice on Rio de Janeiro.
mar 24

New York's soccer team scores a European-style arena

Red Bull Arena has just 25,000 seats and easy access to public transportation.
mar 24

Paris in 26 gigapixels

Zoom in and around the world's largest panoramic image, made up of 2,346 individual photos of Paris.
mar 23

Video: Totally doable dream trips

Editor in chief Nina Willdorf appeared on the Today Show this morning to share five dream trips you can take on a budget.
mar 23

Renew it: Passport Day is this Saturday

Renew or apply for a new passport this weekend with extended hours at passport offices, post offices, and city halls. No appointment necessary.
mar 22

Paris Radar: Vintage photography for travelers

There's something especially magical about the Paris that emerges from old black and white shots on display now.
mar 22

Adventure travel links round-up

Where to go when you want to seek some thrills.
mar 22

Paris picks the best baguette for 2010

Le Grenier à Pain in Montmartre beat out more than 160 other bakers to be recognized as the city's best.
mar 22

San Francisco: 3 worthy bike rides

Biking in this hilly city is easier than you think. See our favorite rides, plus tips and rentals.
mar 22

Travelocity challenges Hotwire for blind-booking hotels

Travelocity says you'll save up to 45 percent off upscale hotels with its new service Top Secret Hotels.
mar 19

How rental car companies undermine credit card insurance

They increasingly charge accident-related "fees" that your credit card company won't pay as part of its collision coverage.
mar 19

Readers' best doorway photos

Excuse the mixed metaphor, but these remarkable doorways are real windows into other cultures.
mar 19

Coupon codes for quick, easy travel savings

Coupons aren't only for the supermarket. They're handy for snagging discounts on hotels, flights, car rentals, and more.
mar 19

Rome: Where to eat when you need a pasta break

Six satisfying ethnic restaurants.
mar 17

Discount carrier will be crossing the Atlantic soon

For instance, Minneapolis to London's Stansted, from $415 each way, midsummer.
mar 17

Hemingway House named literary landmark

The author worked on several novels in this Key West home in the 1930s.
mar 16

San Francisco: Gourmet to-go windows

Get a picnic-worthy lunch from an award-winning chef at a to-go window price.
mar 16

Safe storm-chasing, here I come!

Check out the "Science Storms" exhibit at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, opening this Thursday.
mar 16

Why does everyone hate your baby?

It might have something to do with the fact that the little tyke is wailing away on a crowded plane, and that you're doing nothing about it.
mar 16

No more free lunch (or dinner) on Continental

If your flight is shorter than 6 hours.
mar 16

In Paris: Free macarons on March 20

Try the dessert cookie at select pastry shops.
mar 15

Italy: Fines for rental-car drivers on the rise

Unsuspecting travelers are getting hit with $250 traffic tickets months later.
mar 12

China to build high-speed rail link to Europe

Beijing is in negotiations with 17 countries.
mar 12

Rome: The time is ripe for blood oranges

This tart fruit is now being sold at markets and squeezed into juices at cafes.
mar 12

British Airways facing strikes by cabin crews

But most American's won't notice a problem. Flights from New York, Chicago, and other U.S. gateways will operate normally.
mar 12

Q&A: A veteran house swapper shares her tips

Expert advice from Nicole I. Frank, the advice columnist at Roofswap.com.
mar 11

San Francisco: 5 walking tours

See the city by foot with these worth-it walking tours.
mar 10

Biking directions added to Google Maps

For 150 destinations online, you can now find the best bike trails and bike lanes. Just in time for spring!
mar 10

Will you like a destination? Scientists say, "Ask a stranger."

To find out if you'll like a destination, ask someone (anyone!) who has just returned from the place. The method is 30 percent more accurate than guessing on your own, says the journal Science.
mar 09

Travelers's credit card data stolen from Wyndham Hotels

A "small percentage" of the luxury chain's customers had their names, credit card numbers, and card expiration dates seized by hackers.
mar 08

London: Street art beyond Banksy

A sketch of the city's graffiti scene.
mar 08

Paris: Macarons at McDonald's?

A taste test for the dessert cookie.
mar 06

Video: Bad week for the cruise industry

In the Mediterranean Sea, a 26-foot wave pummeled a ship carrying nearly 2,000 people, killing two. Meanwhile, Norovirus may affect 200,000 passengers on U.S. ships this year.
mar 05

Rome: 5 best March values

Women's Day, photo shows, an organic food fair, and late nights at Ara Pacis.
mar 05

Readers' best Mexico photos

We received more than 850 submissions—more proof of Mexico's ongoing appeal and affordability.
mar 05

A reader writes: "Continental's new exit row fee is stupid"

Continental will allow passengers to get 7–12 inches of more legroom if they pay for it, starting March 17. Reader Linda Pfaender is not amused.
mar 04

London: Lesbian and gay film festival

Tickets on sale now.
mar 04

San Francisco: Tacos get the star chef treatment

Try the chefs' takes at the Ferry Building on Thursdays.
mar 04

When you cancel your flight, should your taxes be refunded?

Return clothing you bought to the typical store, and you'll get the price you paid plus your taxes back. But cancel a plane ticket, and you'll be out the taxes. Is that fair?
mar 03

NYC launches new taxi sharing service

Hop on at three pickup locations and pay a $3 or $4 flat rate.
mar 03

London Controversy: The Beatles' Abbey Road Studios

Threatened by the auction hammer.
mar 03

Child allowed to direct air traffic control at JFK

The son of an air traffic controller talked to pilots on the runway. He cleared an Air Mexico flight for take off, saying, "Adios, amigo."
mar 02

Yelp accused of extortion

The user-review site's overzealous spam blocking system may have accidentally raised suspicions.
mar 02

San Francisco: 5 best March values

Five things on our calendar this month.
mar 02

London: 5 best March values

This month, the British capital's hottest museum opening, dance performance, parade, river race, and city festival.
mar 01

Ask Trip Coach: Cooking classes

If you've ever been interested in attending a cooking school while on a vacation, now's your chance to ask any simmering questions.
mar 01

Shop talk: Slip through airport security in patriotic flats

It's hard to beat a ballet flat when it comes to slipping through airport security with minimal shoelessness. One company's latest collection takes the jet-setting theme to new heights.

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