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Archive: September 2008
sep 30

Rating cities by their effect on the environment

The 2008 rankings, from Portland, Ore., down to Mesa, Ariz., plus sustainability gets trendy.
sep 30

Happy Eid! Today is a time of feasting and festivity worldwide

Today is the end of Ramadan, a time of fasting, and the start of celebrations for Muslims.
sep 30

It's BBQ Heaven at this weekend's Mid-Missouri's Roots 'N Blues

The perfect place to celebrate BBQ and blues alike is Columbia, Mo.
sep 30

Hitchhiking by appointment

Some websites are giving a personalized (and much safer) spin to the ancient art of hitchhiking.
sep 30

Another reason to like FP's Passport blog

Another publication marries into Budget Travel's family.
sep 29

A new travel search engine debuts for independent travelers

Sort through a mix of deals featured by companies like Budget Travel, Expedia, and Kayak with a new search engine from BootsnAll.com.
sep 29

The world's best airports

Hong Kong and San Francisco take the top spots.
sep 29

Travel news roundup

Why renting a hybrid car costs so much more, and other recent travel stories worth reading.
sep 26

A/C comes to the London Underground

Nearly half of the London Tube's cars will have air-conditioning. Whew!
sep 26

Megabus starts to offer service alerts by cell phone

Our Extra Mile Award winner for 2008 makes yet another improvement!
sep 26

How to share cellphone camera photos with friends

Once you've messaged a photo from your cell phone to an assigned address, your friends can see your pics from their computers or their cell-phone's Web browser.
sep 25

What long-term trips are you planning, despite the economic turmoil?

How have the economic uncertainties affected your travel plans?
sep 25

Ryanair debuts in-flight cell phone service shortly

The Irish carrier lets you announce to everyone within earshot, "Honey, I'm on the plane."
sep 25

B.A. sale: NYC to London by air, plus 2 nights hotel, from $472

When you buy a round-trip flight between the U.S. and U.K., British Airways will throw in a two-night hotel stay.
sep 25

Study abroad: Fitting in with the Florentines

Some online resources can help you live like a local--and avoid trouble at the grocery store!
sep 25

Southeast Asia: $3 for a no-frills hotel room

A new, reliable chain has taken root in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in Borneo, with more outposts to come.
sep 24

Prague: Getting something for nothing

We found a great list of free walking tours and music performances, plus even a few places with free snacks, in the Czech capital.
sep 24

This Weekend: Celebrate the blues by San Francisco's Bay

The longest-running blues festival pitches its tents by the San Francisco Bay.
sep 23

What happens to business travelers when their company is gone?

Settling the bill at that pricey business-class hotel could get a little sticky.
sep 23

Remembrance of vacations past--through music

A song can act like a Proustian madeleine, taking you back in time to a favorite vacation spot.
sep 23

A first-person account of yesterday's "unscheduled landing" of AA flight 268

A first-hand tale of a safety evacuation gone right.
sep 23

A sad farewell to the cheapest flights to Paris

Air India used to offer the cheapest tickets between Newark and Paris. But now only pricier fares are available.
sep 23

How to get a refund when your airline fails

Six steps to take with your credit card issuer.
sep 22

Presidential address: Montpelier gets a facelift

The home of former president James Madison underwent a five-year, $24 million restoration.
sep 19

Should hotels charge for Internet service?

We tell you which chains do--and don't--charge for Internet access.
sep 18

New York now offers one-stop shopping for Broadway tickets

It's the opening of the Broadway Concierge & Ticket Center in Times Square.
sep 18

What's new at CheapTickets.com?

We interview company insiders for insights.
sep 18

Coming soon: Free admission to Disney on your birthday

Disney theme parks have a special birthday present for their guests in 2009: free admission.
sep 18

Webcast: Best places you haven't heard of

Watch as associate editor Laura MacNeil introduces some of this year's picks.
sep 18

Alitalia deal falls apart! Liquidation is possible

It's a make-or-break week.
sep 18

Ever been to Lincoln Center? Share your mementos

A 50th Anniversary celebration with a social media twist.
sep 18

X-rated air fare

Should airlines that provide Internet access in mid-flight censor certain websites that may be offensive?
sep 18

The River Thames gets its due

A new London walking tour helps efforts to clean up the Thames.
sep 17

This weekend: D.C. is hosting more than 80 free walking tours

This Saturday and Sunday, across town!
sep 17

What do MySpace, Pennsylvania's tourism office, Lufthansa, Hyatt, and W Hotels have in common?

Pennsylvania tourism lets you share trip ideas.
sep 16

My taste test of new Big Day Breakfasts at Hilton Garden Inns

One new dish is a waffle with blueberry thyme compote.
sep 16

Interview with Rolf Potts on his new book and on the "tourist" versus "traveler" debate

After 10 decades on the road, a travel journalist ponders the difference.
sep 15

As insurer AIG struggles, is your travel insurance policy valid?

We talk to AIG Travel Guard.
sep 15

United doubles its fee for checking a second bag

The fee is for tickets for travel on or after Nov. 10.
sep 15

Alitalia: This is a critical week

It may run out of cash to buy fuel, unless pilots agree to a deal.
sep 15

CheapOair puts a fresh spin on hotel listings

An up-and-coming, hotel-booking option.
sep 15

When only credit cards are accepted at 35,000 feet

Southwest's flight attendants stop taking cash.
sep 12

Sending our best to Texas

And to everyone bearing up under Hurricane Ike's destructiveness.
sep 12

Answers from a cruise critic

The Cruise Critic editor answers questions.
sep 12

Is Hotwire a safe bet for European hotel bargains?

An insider interview offers some tips.
sep 12

The Paris-London train line will get faster in 2010

Zoom in under two hours, cheaply.
sep 12

London's two best pubs

A critic picks his favorite pair.
sep 11

Can a helicopter ride be budget travel?

Sale: JFK to Manhattan for $45 one-way.
sep 11

GoCar: Sightseeing tours with you in the driver's seat while the car talks

Take a GPS-guided tour in San Francisco, Miami, San Diego, Barcelona, or Lisbon, in these cute cars that "talk" to you about the sites you're passing.
sep 11

Allowances for kids: Readers share their tips

Kids and money: Some inventive strategies.
sep 10

This Weekend: Santa Fe has transformed an old railyard into a fantastic park

This weekend, the city is celebrating the grand opening of the Santa Fe Railyard Park and Plaza, a former railyard that is now the center of the city's new arts-and-culture corridor.
sep 09

Airline to passenger: "Sorry, we've lost the corpse."

A repatriated body was accidentally mis-routed.
sep 09

A nifty deal on ski passes

Save $1,000 on Vail ski passes.
sep 08

Sale: Virgin America flights for about 10 percent off

Book by Thursday; travel this fall.
sep 08

JetBlue briefly auctioning flights on eBay

Round-trip tickets for pennies, plus fees.
sep 06

New cruise trend: "Disegalitarianism"

Going upscale: Norwegian and Royal Caribbean.
sep 05

Five-star hotels at a one-star price

Pay $19.28 a night this fall.
sep 05

Singapore gambles on its first casino

Singapore, a gambling town? The formerly prim British colony's new project is the Marina Bay Sands.
sep 04

Leaf-peeping in Vermont: An expert's guide

Guidebook author Michael Blanding offers advice.
sep 04

Planning to visit Maine? Read these tips from a top guidebook author

Guidebook author Hilary Nangle tells us the best roads for viewing the fall foliage while avoiding heavy traffic, offers a sample road trip itinerary, and shares with us helpful websites for planning a trip.
sep 04

A traveler rebels when a resort surprises her with a "short stay fee"

You can avoid a similar fate!
sep 04

A couple of new, helpful travel websites

Two websites help you save gas.
sep 03

Allowances for vacations: Should parents give their kids cash?

Readers are invited to share advice.
sep 03

This Weekend: D.C. hosts a massive family reunion

About 400,000 people are expected to attend the Black Family Reunion Celebration on the National Mall in D.C. this weekend.
sep 03

United changes its mind about free meals (Way to go, readers!)

Score one for hungry United travelers.
sep 02

Surf's up, but so are airline board-stowing fees

Five airlines hike their fees substantially.

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